(Video) CAFe Presents: Equity in Public Access to Research Results; Case Study from National Agriculture Library

Logan Delavan-Hoover - April 24, 2024

Investigations into open access to research

On April 20, UMD postdoctoral researcher Jwan Khisro presented her research on how federally funded research results can be made accessible to the public in an equitable manner. Khisro spoke on the differences between open science, public access, and open access, as well as on her interviews with scientists and stakeholders at the National Agriculture Library and the USDA. She raised questions about how best to define and ensure equity in access to the results of research.

“Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a great study article that was talking about discussing the equity perspective within open science,” Khisro said. “So when I read the abstract, I felt like this is a shining star. Naturally, I got excited to read it, right? So what I did was I clicked on download. So what happened? Can you guess what happened? It appeared that I have to pay $45 to download this paper.”

Watch the full video here.