Staff Spotlight: Craig Taylor, Graphic Design and Media Coordinator


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Craig TaylorWhether it was running the day-to-day operations of two small businesses, waiting tables, or writing PR copy at another higher education institution that made Craig Taylor an ideal match for a contract and grants coordinator position at the iSchool, we’ll probably never know. But what has been clear over the seven and a half years he’s been with us is Craig’s attention to detail, affable personality, and flexibility, all contributing to his status as an essential administrative team member. The iSchool’s recognition of some of Craig’s other talents—graphic design, videography, and photography—has allowed him to shape the next iteration of his career: Graphic Design and Media Coordinator. Although Craig has been contributing his creative skills to the iSchool for a while (how could you forget his guitar/singing duet with the Dean at the luau?), he is now officially creating graphics for print, web, brochures, and flyers, taking faculty/staff headshots, and producing promotional videos full time. He’s currently working with academic programs on a new suite of brochures and postcards, as well as a booklet and video to strengthen industry partnerships and increase recruitment. Craig’s creative flair continues into his non-work life: he writes/plays/records music with his band, Lushfarm, and enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with his wife, Christina, and dog, Charlie. He’s also a self-professed fantasy nerd: yes, he’s “read the books” and, yes, he’s recently restarted playing Magic: The Gathering.

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