New York Magazine: How Digital Power Structures are Reshaping Society (ft. Daniel Greene)

INFO Staff - October 28, 2022

The article references INFO Assistant Professor Daniel Greene’s paper “Landlords of the Internet.”

An image of three feudal lords

A New York Magazine article discusses the concept of “technofeudalism,” which refers to the consolidation of wealth and power among a small group of tech industry leaders and the perpetuation of inequalities in society. It references College of Information Studies (INFO) Assistant Professor Daniel Greene’s latest paper “Landlords of the Internet,” which notes that the real landlords of the internet are real-estate investment trusts that own the vast majority of data centers and the links between them.

The author argues that the rise of Big Tech has created a new feudal system where a few powerful individuals wield great influence over vast swaths of society, while most people struggle to make ends meet. This concentration of power has led to a growing sense of disempowerment and frustration among the public, who feel that their voices are not being heard in the halls of power. The article suggests that unless we find ways to rein in the power of tech giants and create a more democratic and equitable society, we may be heading towards a new age of feudalism, where a few powerful elites hold all the cards.

Read the full article here. Written by Malcolm Harris and published on October 28, 2022 by New York Magazine