iSchool Faculty Members Dr. Tamara Clegg and Dr. Beth St. Jean Receive Tenure Positions

iSchoolNews - July 18, 2018

iSchool Faculty Members Dr. Tamara Clegg and Dr. Beth St. Jean Receive Tenure Positions

We are pleased to share that College of Information Studies (iSchool) Assistant Professors, Dr. Tamara Clegg and Dr. Beth St. Jean, have been awarded tenure. This honor is bestowed after a faculty member demonstrates six years of exemplary research, teaching, and service at the college.

headshot of Tammy CleggDr. Clegg researches the design of technology and programs for youth to promote STEM learning in everyday life. She utilizes participatory design methods — engaging children, teachers, informal educators, and community members in the design process. Her research has resulted in social media tools, wearable technology, community based technology, and more. Dr. Clegg expressed her excitement and gratitude towards the announcement of her tenure. She states, “I am extremely thankful that I get to work with the colleagues and students that I do. The iSchool and UMD has really made this job something I wake up and look forward to every morning. Everyone has been so supportive of me, and I never question whether or not the people here want me to succeed.”

headshot of Dr. St. JeanDr. St. Jean focuses her research on health information behavior and its intersection with health justice. Health information behavior refers to how people interact, or don’t interact, with information around health as well as avoidance or unawareness of pertinent information regarding their health. Her passion for health justice stems from its cornerstone that all people have a moral right to health and healthcare. She studies how to remedy the situations of people suffering from health injustices due to societal disadvantages preventing them from having the opportunities others receive. Dr. St. Jean was excited to accept the tenure position, saying “I am very lucky to get to work with the wonderful colleagues and students here at the iSchool. I couldn’t have done this without all of the amazing support from everyone, and I look forward to being able to continue doing what I love as well as taking on new challenges. I’m really excited for the opportunity to pursue further research and service around the health justice topic.”

Congratulations Dr. St. Jean and Dr. Clegg. The iSchool is honored to have such incredible faculty members on our team. We look forward to your continued work here pursuing your fearless ideas.