Faculty Spotlight: Pratima Kshetry, Lecturer


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Pratima KshetryA proud Tom Brady fan, Pratima Kshetry is inspired by the dedication that Brady puts into each of his games - and this inspiration shows in Pratima’s thoroughness and commitment to the classes she teaches. As an alumnus of the MIM program, Pratima was delighted to join us in 2018 as a Lecturer and has already racked up an impressive number of diverse classes: from information policy and location intelligence to HTML/CSS basics, database design, and web programming. By providing hands-on videos and curated lab assignments even in online classes, she enables the diverse range of students here at the iSchool to create impressive final projects in topics they were absolute beginners at only weeks before. When she’s not at the iSchool, Pratima works as a Software Engineer at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As the lead developer/architect of the Mental Health Integration Care and Research Enterprise project, she works to develop applications to provide better services to patients with mental health problems. In her free time, Pratima enjoys traveling and watching sports, even if she does get a lot of heat for watching New England Patriot games.

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