Faculty Spotlight: Abdirisak Mohamed, Lecturer


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Abdirisak MohamedAbdirisak Abdullahi Mohamed joined the iSchool in January 2019 to support the rapidly growing undergraduate program by teaching decision making for information science and statistics. With a background in teaching mathematics and data science courses and currently working in software development as a cloud content architect and data scientist at SAP Labs, the interdisciplinary approach of the iSchool is a perfect match for Abdirisak. As a parent of a Terp alumni, Abdirisak is passionate about extending his role past lecturer: he has recently participated in a data science education workshop and hopes to bring new approaches to data literacy to the iSchool. In his free time, Abdirisak enjoys running and reading non-fiction—a pertinent read for all researchers and data scientists, he heartily recommends Judea Pearl and Dana MacKenzie’s The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect.

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