Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Speaker Series: Graphika: “Future Work in Action”

Event Start Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - 4:00 pm

Event End Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - 5:00 pm

Location: Hyrbid, HBK 2119 & Virtual (EST)

Join is for this talk sponsored by the UMD INFO college Sociotechnical Cybersecurity (STC) Interest Group! Open to the public. Registration required.

Graphika provides a continuously expanding range of dynamic intelligence feeds to inform strategic decision-making. Our analysts work with our software as a service platform and emerging research analytics built by Graphika to:

  • Discover viral phenomena and new trends before they gain mainstream traction
  • Explore leading influencers and online communities
  • Analyze developing narratives and key amplifiers
  • Be aware of key regulatory, policymaking, and security discussions
  • Monitor disinformation and misinformation risks before issues arise

Our current online landscapes include climate and health misinformation, hate and extremism, Chinese and Russian state actors, Ukraine conflict, media and entertainment, financial market threats, global issues, and Turkish politics. The landscapes can be focused on locations of interest and/or topic areas that span the largest challenges facing us today.

In this talk, we will demonstrate our approach to understanding the cyber social terrain using Graphika’s and other technologies with a focus on analysts. We believe our strength is derived from our culture of analysts, technologists, and researchers working together, which is one example of “future work in action.”

Bio: Jennifer Mathieu, Ph.D. is Chief Technology and Product Officer at Graphika, a company that takes a network-first approach to the global online landscape. Jennifer leads the technology department and guides its vision, evolves Graphika’s patented technology, strengthens its core products, and builds the company’s team of expert designers, engineers, and scientists. This enables Graphika’s customers to navigate threats and uncover opportunities. Prior to joining Graphika, Jennifer was Chief Technologist for Social Analytics and Integrity at MITRE, where she led the group’s technical strategy for mitigating online harm. During her 16-year tenure at MITRE, she built a ‘Social Radar’ after the Arab Spring and led many of the organizations’ projects for using social data to understand populations using advanced technologies. Previously, Jennifer was a Fellow at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University, where she studied Systems Engineering with a focus on modeling complex biological systems and has published over twenty research papers.


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