OTTRS Speaker Series: Human-Machine Teaming: What Skills Do the Humans Need?

Event Start Date: Friday, March 17, 2023 - 12:00 pm

Event End Date: Friday, March 17, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Over the last few decades, technology has become increasingly intelligent. Technology is no longer a passive tool that supports a single human in their work, but an active teammate that collaborates and learns as a critical entity of the team. To date, human-machine teaming research has primarily focused on the machines – how to design them, what their capabilities are, and how they can “learn.” This presentation takes the opposite view, focusing on the importance of selecting and training humans to be effective human-machine teammates. The presentation addresses two questions: What unique skills do humans need to work well with machines as teammates, and how are those skills different from those required for effective human-human interactions? Details about the human traits and abilities that can be selected for, and the human skills that can be trained to maximize human-machine teaming effectiveness will be discussed.

Dr. Samantha Dubrow
Lead Human-Centered Engineering Researcher
The MITRE Corporation

Dr. Samantha Dubrow is a Lead Human-Centered Engineering Researcher at The MITRE Corporation. At MITRE, Samantha conducts applied research and development in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, teamwork and leadership, hybrid teaming, decision-making, human factors, user experience, human-machine teaming, and multiteam system collaboration management. She helps teams and multiteam systems across a variety of government agencies utilize technology to improve their teamwork processes and job performance. Samantha holds a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from George Mason University under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro. Her dissertation focused on team mental models and leadership transitions in ad hoc decision-making teams. During graduate school, Samantha was also involved with projects regarding multidisciplinary teams, multiteam systems, team leadership, simulation and training, and social network analysis.


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