Trace Center: Future of Interface (FOI) Workshop

Event Start Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 8:00 am

Event End Date: Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 4:00 pm

Location: Virtual EST

The University of Maryland College of Information Studies’ Trace Center is excited to announce the Future of Interface (FOI) Workshop, a 2-day free virtual event from February 15-16, 2023, co-chaired byVint Cerf and Gregg Vanderheiden. This workshop will bring together the best technologists, thinkers, and leaders to explore what human-computer interfaces might look like in 20 years and how to make them accessible for all.

Our lineup of speakers includes experts from academia (MITCMUUniversities of Maryland, ColoradoWashington, Gallaudet, and more) and industry (GoogleMeta, Apple, Microsoft, and many more) as well as accessibility pioneers, who will address existing challenges, foster collaboration, and kick off work on a long-term research & development (R&D) agenda for this area.

The workshop will be carried out in two stages:

  1. Day 1 will be devoted to visions and speculations for human interface in 20 years — from futurists, technologists, and innovators in AIMachine LearningDirect Brain interfacesXR/AR/VR & more!
  2. Day 2 will then focus on how these technologies and their interfaces might be made accessible and usable by all people  — and developing research agendas to make it happen

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field and ask your burning questions! All HCI and/or accessibility students, researchers, thinkers, and leaders are invited to join. Registration is required.


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