What is an iSchool?

  • Picture of UMD Campus with text, “Improving Lives and Opportunities for People Through Information.”

What is an iSchool?

iSchool stands for “Information School.” iSchools study the opportunities and challenges of information management. This includes data science and management, library science, archives and digital curation, and technology design for the purposes of information access and management.

iSchools are particularly interested in the design and preservation of information spaces, with a core commitment to universal access and user-centered organization of information. Information spaces can be virtual, such as online communities, social networking, the World Wide Web, and databases, or physical, such as libraries, museums, and archives.

iSchools also utilize and develop cutting edge technology to foster information access. This includes the study of human-computer interaction and technology development for youth learning, disabilities, communities, and sustainability.

Learn more about iSchools at http://ischools.org