Vision & Mission

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The UMD iSchool's Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan


We envision a world in which we have harnessed the ocean of data. From it, everyone - both individually and collectively - can develop deeper knowledge to tackle real-world problems, break down barriers, improve quality of life, and spark discovery. Information is turned into power to unlock our full potential.


We design new and leverage existing techniques and technologies to solve information challenges. We work with communities and institutions, including private and public archives, community libraries, and information product startups. We prepare future information leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Together, we use information to move the world forward.

Strategic Plan

Research at UMD’s iSchool changes the way we think, the way we live, and the way we engage with the world. From labs to libraries, we are combining principles of information science with cutting-edge technology to foster access to information, improve information interfaces, and expand how information is used.

Full Strategic Plan