Vision & Mission


We envision a world where information and technology breaks down barriers and creates exciting new possibilities so that individuals, communities, and organizations can explore their full potential and enjoy an enriched quality of life - a world where information and technology can be fully leveraged to solve real world problems and foster a culture of trust and respect.


We improve lives and opportunities for people through information. With groundbreaking research and innovative academic programs, we strengthen information institutions, foster responsible information use, increase information reliability, and ensure equitable access to information. We harness data and technology for social, economic, and environmental good. We prepare the next generation of information professionals and thought leaders. We harness information for the benefit of all.

Strategic Plan

Research at UMD’s iSchool changes the way we think, the way we live, and the way we engage with the world. From labs to libraries, we are combining principles of information science with cutting-edge technology to foster access to information, improve information interfaces, and expand how information is used.  The learn more about how we do this see the College of Information Studies Strategic Plan