Health Informatics

Health Informatics

At the iSchool, researchers are examining how to improve the ability to access, understand, and make use of health information.

We are using human-centered design and mixed-methods approaches to develop novel technologies and innovative information approaches that push the boundaries of current conceptions about how to track, protect, access, and use health information by individuals, medical providers, institutions, and the public. Our research empowers individuals to fully leverage their personal data, make more informed health decisions, optimizes health outcomes, and protect their interests and privacy.

Current iSchool Focuses:

  • Enhanced Doctor-Patient Communication Through Personal Health Data Sharing
  • Semi-automated Tracking of Personal Informatics
  • Intergenerational Collaborative Health Tracking
  • Digital Health Literacy
  • Trust and Health Information
  • Patient and Doctor Information Behavior
  • Technology Design for Marginalized Populations
  • Enhancing Safety of Decision Making and Information Sharing by those with Dementia

Research Projects

Research Area:

A critical component of success of PheNoM devices and biometrics will be to understand their fit into relevant sociotechnical contexts, including those of patients and medical providers