Youth Learning and Technology

Youth Learning and Technology

The digital world and increased importance of social media is creating new avenues for learning, communication, self-expression, play and friendship.  To benefit from these opportunities, young people must develop both traditional literacy and new forms of technical and media literacy. To remain relevant, educational and civic institutions must adapt to the rapid technical and social changes associated with new media providing inclusive and accessible infrastructure that supports young people as they learn and socialize in both formal and informal settings.  Young people often identify novel uses and expectations for technology; engaging in participatory co-design can result in better products and services.

iSchool researchers have investigated information seeking and information use behaviors among young people on topics such as cybersecurity, science, and health, developed novel methods to engage diverse populations in STEM education, and highlighted the importance of library information services for young people.  Technological innovations have been developed to enhance learning in museums, parks, through gaming, and more, with a particular emphasis on inclusive design and personalization to meet individual needs.

The iSchool’s expertise in youth, learning and technology can assist in:

  • Understanding young people’s media use and expectations
  • Developing products, services, and technologies that meet the needs of young people
  • Creating innovations that enhance pre-K through 12 teaching and learning in formal and informal settings
  • Designing methods for digital engagement with young people and their families


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