Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Tamara CleggPrincipal Investigator: Lawrence Clark
Funder: National Science Foundation
Advancing knowledge of informal learning experiences that build adolescents' motivation for participation in STEM courses and careers, with a specific focus on introducing middle school African American and Latinx youth to the world of sports data analytics through events and summer camps.
Principal Investigator: Richard Marciano
Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Piloting an online national collaborative network of educators and practitioners to enable the sharing and dissemination of computational case studies and lesson plans through an open source, cloud-based interactive platform based on Jupyter Notebooks.
Principal Investigator: Naeemul Hassan
Funder: National Science Foundation
Developing novel techniques - through the application of state-of-the-art machine learning - to detect various forms of clickbait, especially video-based clickbait, and study user behavior on social media to design effective warning systems.
Principal Investigator: Jessica Vitak, Tamara Clegg
Funder: National Science Foundation
Promoting elementary school children's privacy/cybersecurity learning across the two contexts where they spend most of their time, home and school, through the creation of curriculum and related educational materials tailored to grade level.
Principal Investigator: Vanessa Frias-Martinez
Funder: National Science Foundation
Improving public transit for lower-income individuals - who often endure complex, lengthy trips - by providing a methods, guidelines, and a toolkit to identify and characterize the challenges typical of such complex trips.
Principal Investigator: Katrina Fenlon
Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Investigating roles that cultural heritage institutions may play to help realize community-determined, community-led strategies for sustaining digital collections over time.
Principal Investigator: Charles Harry
Funder: Maryland Innovation Initiative
Funder: Other
Promoting a patent-pending analytic method and scoring technology that can guide risk assessment for individual organizations and their infrastructure to target and quantify cyber risks throughout an organization.
Principal Investigator: Kerry Ann O'Meara
Funder: National Science Foundation
Providing new college students with the necessary tools for success through intensive first level developmental courses, tutoring, advising, and the creation of learning communities comprised of faculty, staff, tutors, and advisors.
Principal Investigator: Susannah PaletzPrincipal Investigator: C. Anton Rytting
Funder: US Office of Naval Research
This project, run through ARLIS, investigates how emotion impacts information propagation and sharing in Polish and Lithuanian social media. Teams of in-country annotators independently assess each post, including all multimedia content, for over 22 distinct emotions inclusively on 0 to 100 scales--meaning that the same post will have different scores for different emotions. We will conduct multi-level statistical analyses of the impact of emotions, specific topics, and account and message features on social media sharing and engagement.
Principal Investigator: Katrina Fenlon
Funder: USDA Agricultural Research Service
Working with students in the iSchool's newly created specialization in data curation to build the workforce of the future in the field of digital curation and user access for scientific data and literature with an emphasis on agriculture and agricultural informatics.
Principal Investigator: Richard Marciano, Greg JansenPrincipal Investigator: Andrea Chiba
Funder: National Science Foundation
Creating technology and best practices for conducting science that is situated in the classroom setting with the purpose of better understanding children's ability to self-regulate when presented with challenges, which seem to be ever-increasing in our digital era society.