Inactive Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Hal Duame
Spearheading the development of new technology that will aid translators - providing automatic interpretation that is displayed for the translator and is particularly valuable for translating nuanced content.
Principal Investigator: Sergii SkakunPrincipal Investigator: Kuishuang Feng, Varaprasad Bandaru, Louis Giglio, Klaus Hubacek, Roberto Cesar Izaurralde, Curtis Dinneen Jones
Funder: NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Funder: Other
Principal Investigator: Jennifer J. Preece
Engaging members of low-income and minority communities in environmental projects that are meaningful to their lives and can promote informal STEM learning. The researchers will look at how these projects impact participants and identify the key factors that influence the development of such community projects.
Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton
Delving into why app developers have a low rate of prioritizing user data protection by looking at how developers define privacy and security, what would encourage them to prioritize data protection, and how can development tools encourage developers to implement more security features during design.
Principal Investigator: Niklas Elmqvist
Proposing a comprehensive new approach called ubiquitous analytics (ubilytics) for harnessing ever-present digital devices into unified environments for anywhere analysis and sensemaking of data. Looking at applications for scientific discovery, classroom learning, and police investigation.
Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton
Looking at mobile and wearable app development to discover factors that encourage discussion and action on ethical challenges amongst developers. Findings will be incorporated into curriculum for students in mobile app courses, and the impact on ethics education will be evaluated.
Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton
Examining how computer security researchers navigate ethical dilemmas when using big data and shared network resources to expose vulnerabilities - from ethical self-regulation to the sharing of ethics expectations in research communities.
Principal Investigator: Douglas W. Oard
Funder: Johns Hopkins University
Funder: Other
Exploring highly innovative technologies to automatically analyze a wide range of speech, text, and document data in multiple languages.
Principal Investigator: Susan Winter
Enhancing understanding of how civic technologies are used and how information inequalities manifest in a city by examining Boston's 311 system for reporting non-emergency issues to the city government and then using computational and qualitative approaches to identify, categorize, and understand the kinds of information disparities that are becoming institutionalized.
Principal Investigator: Joel Chan
Funder: Carnegie Mellon University
Funder: Other
Building computational tools enabling users to connect problems in one field with solutions from another field, i.e. facilitate searching for analogies drawn from one domain to help with innovative thinking and reasoning in another domain.
Principal Investigator: Diana E. Marsh
Students are working with Dr. Marsh and NPS curators throughout the 2020-2021 academic year to research and produce an online exhibit highlighting NPS sites and materials in the National Capital Region related to the history of civil rights. Drawing on the heritage sites and collections holdings of the NPS in the National Capital Region, the interns are assisting curators in all aspects of research and content development, with a broader goal to increase public awareness of the NPS sites and collections in the National Capital Region.
Principal Investigator: Keith Marzullo
Funder: University System of Maryland Foundation Inc.
Funder: Other
Building a collaborative network of leading computer science departments and laboratories in Brazil, Canada and the US to advance the design and validation of security/reliability-critical distributed systems, such as smart homes and cities, cloud computing, smart energy and cryptocurrency systems.
Principal Investigator: Keith Marzullo
Developing design guidelines for wearable technology that will aid people who need assistance with regulating emotions in the workplace and everyday life. The project is also exploring the impact of breathing interventions in real-world settings that were successful in the laboratory.
Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton, Jessica Vitak
Examining how the risks of using pervasive data in computational research can be quantified, what factors impact willingness to contribute data to research, how diverse computational researchers address core research ethics values, and how regulators are adjusting to the new burdens they face in governing computational research.