Data Management, Analysis, and Digital Curation

Data Management, Analysis, and Digital Curation

The ability to gather, store and share unprecedented quantities of data and information offers exciting opportunities for knowledge workers. To take advantage of these opportunities, knowledge workers need systems and tools that allow them to process big data sets, analyze data that changes in real time, and combine information gathered from many sources. iSchool researchers create data resources and tools that allow professionals to more effectively and efficiently conduct knowledge work in a variety of fields.

iSchool researchers are working with professionals across the spectrum of knowledge work to make research and analysis easier and more productive. Our researchers are working on projects as diverse as building visualization tools that allow workers to quickly understand large data sets, creating tools that allow website comments to be more effectively mediated, and developing a provenance database for artwork stolen during the holocaust that unites institutions from around the world in an effort to return works to their rightful owners.

The iSchool’s expertise in enabling analysis, research and knowledge work can assist in:

  • Developing data visualization tools that make it simpler to understand and use large data sets
  • Creating tools that allow workers to monitor large amounts of changing data in real-time
  • Creating new methods to retrieve textual data
  • Building systems that allow multiple institutions to effectively combine information into an easy-to-use system
  • Understanding how people use technology at work so that systems are developed thoughtfully and designed for real-world users


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