Computational Archival Science

Computational Archival Science

Exploring the conjunction of emerging computational methods with big data and archival practice.

Research Projects

IRCN-CAS: International Research Collaboration in Computational Archival Science

King’s College London’s Department of Digital Humanities, together with the University of Maryland iSchool Digital Curation Innovation Center (US), the Maryland State Archives (US), and The National Archives (UK), were awarded a 1-year International Research Networking grant for UK-US Collaborations in Digital Scholarship in Cultural Institutions.

Improving Fedora 4 to Work with Web-Scale Storage and Services

The Digital Curation Innovation Center plans to improve the performance and scalability of the Fedora Repository for the Fedora community by researching, developing, and testing software architectures.

Establishing and Testing Best Practices in the Digital Curation of Collections at the National Agricultural Library

The National Agricultural Library acquires, organizes, provides access to, and preserves agriculture literature and its data for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It needs research on the best practices for creating and curating its digital collections.

University of Maryland College of Information Studies Digital Curation Fellows Program at the National Agricultural Library

Working with students in the iSchool's newly created specialization in data curation to build the workforce of the future in the field of digital curation and user access for scientific data and literature with an emphasis on agriculture and agricultural informatics.

Developing a Digital Asset Management System for the Archival Holdings of the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site

Creating a cutting-edge Digital Asset Management System with the National Park Service (NPS) to preserve and manage the digital assets of the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site.

Overseas Pension Project

The Overseas Pension Project is a team of archivists, historians, genealogists, and information managers with a common mission: exploring data trapped within 200 year old archival documents.

Amplifying the International Research Network for Assessing the Value and Impact of Digitized Ethnographic Archives

Creating a workshop connect scholars and archivists pursuing ethnographic impact research, identify and plan collaborative research projects and funding opportunities, and develop a website to showcase collaborative projects, project participants, and resource sharing.

Towards Identifying Values and Tensions in Designing a Historically-Sensitive Data Platform: A Case of Urban Renewal Documents

Bringing to light an unseen collection of urban home renewal documents and digitally curating them in an effort to better understand the displacement of minority communities due to modern renovation.

Balancing Personal and Public Regions on Social Media: Exploring What WeChat Moments Tells Us About Temporality

Examining the popular WeChat social app, which does not store users' history on its servers and requires users to manually archive any history, to see if there are lessons to be learned for popular social platforms like Facebook and Google that auto-archive user information, which might not be what some users want.

Datafication of original records at the National Archives to expand the Global Journeys; Local Communities project’s records dataset

The Global Journeys; Local Communities Project identifies, digitizes, data files and indexes records documenting American citizens and their families who emigrated from the United States to live permanently abroad.

Piloting an Online National Collaborative Network for Integrating Computational Thinking into Library and Archival Education and Practice

Piloting an online national collaborative network of educators and practitioners to enable the sharing and dissemination of computational case studies and lesson plans through an open source, cloud-based interactive platform based on Jupyter Notebooks.

WIN: a Window Into Neuroregulation

Creating technology and best practices for conducting science that is situated in the classroom setting with the purpose of better understanding children's ability to self-regulate when presented with challenges, which seem to be ever-increasing in our digital era society.

Developing a Computational Framework for Library and Archival Education

UMD held a workshop to create the building blocks of a Master's level educational curriculum to educate the next generation of librarians and archivists in the computational treatments of collections.





Computational Archival Science News

Alumni Spotlight: Alumna Praises iSchool as the Heart of Nation’s Archival World – Ann Abney, MLS ‘16

  • Claudia Sanchez

    Ann currently works as the Special Projects Archivist for the South Carolina Political Collections (SCPC) at the University of South Carolina where she is in charge of exhibits and outreach and processing the collection of Congressman John Spratt.

UMD iSchool Welcomes Seven New Faculty Members

  • Mia K. Hinckle

    With strengths in library and archives innovation, digital curation, criminal justice data science, socio-technical aspects of cybersecurity and privacy, and mis/information in social networks.

UMD iSchool, a Hub of Revolutionary Digital Curation Research and Technology Development

  • Hayleigh Moore

    Exploring the UMD iSchool's history of being integral to the advancement of digital curation.

UMD iSchool MLS Alumna Partners with iConsultancy to Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities in Digital Curation and Web Design

  • iSchool News

    At Historic Takoma, Marilyn Abbott exceeded the call of duty by connecting iSchool students with the organization to revamp their website.

Meet MLIS student, Bailey DeSimone

  • iSchool News

    Bailey's research will focus on the intersection of diversity and legal informatics. 

Smithsonian Magazine: Help Transcribe Field Notes Penned by S. Ann Dunham, a Pioneering Anthropologist and Barack Obama’s Mother, featuring Diana Marsh

  • Courtney Sexton

    Diana Marsh led a project to digitize the field notebooks of S. Ann Dunham, economic anthropologist and mother of Barack Obama---and to launch them on Smithsonian's Transcription Center for the public to transcribe.

MLIS Students Get Hands-on Experience Digitizing Documents

  • Morgan Adle

    MLIS students specializing in Archives and Digital Curation seek hands-on experience digitizing historic material.

Student Archivists at Maryland - Call for New Student Members!

  • Karina Kletscher, UMD iSchool MLIS Student

    This is a momentous year for SAM as we are turning 25!

Building Community Through Coursework

  • Eric Hung, Mea Lee, K. Sarah Ostrach

    Community engagement has become an increasingly important component of libraries and archives professions.