Areas of Expertise

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iSchool Areas of Research Expertise

Cybersecurity and Privacy

The sociotechnical approach considers the interplay of the person, technology, and organizations to build real-world solutions to the challenges faced in cybersecurity and privacy.

Data Management, Analysis, and Digital Curation

iSchool researchers create data resources and tools that allow professionals to more effectively and efficiently conduct knowledge work in a variety of fields.

Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity

Research concerning diversity, information accessibility, and inclusive design strives to make information available to a wider range of people by identifying and eliminating barriers to information access.

Environment and Sustainability

iSchool researchers are solving environmental challenges by developing better systems for collecting, accessing, understanding, and sharing environmental information.

Health Informatics

At the iSchool, researchers are examining how to improve the ability to access, understand, and make use of health information.

Living in Smart and Connected Communities

Connected communities allow people to pool knowledge without regard to physical boundaries and provide more people access learning opportunities than ever before.

Youth Learning and Technology

iSchool researchers are investigating information seeking and use behaviors of youth, methods to engage youth in STEM, and how to promote library services among youth.