University of Maryland iSchool Students Join VHA Innovation RAPTOR Team

University of Maryland iSchool Students Join VHA Innovation RAPTOR Team

Two Masters of Information Management (MIM) students from the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies (iSchool), have been selected to join the VHA Innovation Radiology Protocol Tool and Recorder (RAPTOR) software development team.

Preeti Lakhole and Daiwei Lu are well-prepared to develop, deploy, and apply advanced technologies and techniques to address critical information and systems management issues. As part of this preparation, students complete a capstone project in their last semester.

The MIM Capstone gives students experience grappling with real information management challenges faced by different organizations, including government agencies, corporations, entrepreneurial startups, academic institutions, and non-profits.

RAPTOR provides radiologists with seamless, just-in-time patient information to assign protocols and to track exam acquisition and study interpretation phases of the workflow. Data moves instantly to the next staff member responsible and is distributed within a multiuser accessible worklist. Additionally, RAPTOR facilitates communication with the ordering physician and other radiologists. It maintains a library of the department's standardized imaging protocols, both for acquisition of imaging and for application of pre- and post-test hydration or medications.

The students’ unique experience and external input will work to help VA break barriers in innovation deployment and establish best practices for other upcoming endeavors. The partnership with the iSchool also gives RAPTOR visibility at the iSchool Experiential Learning Expo.

OIA and VHA Innovation welcome Preeti Lakhole and Daiwei Lu as members of our growing innovation network!

Content courtesy of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Informatics and Analytics (OIA)