Statement from iSchool Dean Keith Marzullo on DACA Announcement

Statement from iSchool Dean Keith Marzullo on DACA Announcement

September 6, 2017

Dear College of Information Studies community,

The Trump Administration's decision this week to rescind the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program is disturbing news for our University community. The College of Information Studies is committed to providing unwavering support for the approximately 100 DACA students on campus.

The decision to dismiss this program is antithetical to our College’s core values of inclusion and accessible education. It penalizes law-abiding young adults and students who came to this country as children and are now ​contributing members of our society​ through studying, working, serving in the military, and much more​. The youth protected by the DACA program deserve a legal status that recognizes their contributions to our country and safeguards them from uncertainty about their future. It is in our interest as a democracy that we call upon Congress to act swiftly and compassionately, providing a permanent legislative solution. 

Congress now has six months to enact legislation to protect the approximately 800,000 young adults in the USA protected by DACA.  The University of Maryland is working with our Congressional delegation and lobbyists to champion the DREAM Act (S.1615) that would provide permanent residence to those who meet the criteria of the BRIDGE Act (S.128). ​At a minimum, we urge Congress to make DACA provisions into statute. ​

We will continue to identify all avenues available for offering support to our DACA students. More information about DACA and the University’s efforts can be found at Students may also call the Office of Student Affairs, 301-314-8428, for information about available resources.

If you or someone you know is distressed about this, please utilize the University of Maryland’s Counseling Center, 301-314-7651. Counseling Center staff psychologists, academic skills counselors, and disability support specialists are prepared to assist students in distress and provide general counseling services.

Our College will remain steadfast in our commitment to diversity, accessibility, and the freedoms that unite us. We are in this together.

Keith Marzullo, Professor and Dean
University of Maryland College of Information Studies (iSchool)