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Melissa Wertheimer, MLIS, Class of 2017

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    Meet Melissa Wertheimer, Archivist of the Music Library Association and Music Reference Specialist at the Library of Congress.

Jamuna Sundararajan, MIM, Class of 2005

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    Jamuna is currently the President and CEO of Cyberbahn Federal Solutions LLC. Cyberbahn Federal Solutions LLC was Jamuna's dream since 1995, which she transformed into reality in 2014 after 22+ years of experience in IT consulting Business development. 

Dr. Diane Ledbetter Barlow, MLS, Class of 1975

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    Dr. Diane L. Barlow, who passed February 6, 2018, was a monumental figure in the history of the University of Maryland College of Information Studies (iSchool). Diane was a part of the iSchool almost continually from 1975 through 2017 as a student, faculty, staff, dean, and mentor.