MLIS Program Launches Two New Specializations: Legal Informatics and Intelligence Analytics

MLIS Program Launches Two New Specializations: Legal Informatics and Intelligence Analytics

Today, our Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS) program offer specializations in Archives & Digital Curation, School Library, Youth Experience (YX), and Diversity & Inclusion. Earlier this month, the University approved two new specializations: Legal Informatics and Intelligence Analytics.  The specializations are unique and offer our students a competitive edge:
Legal Informatics:

The majority of graduates of the MLIS program seek employment in government agencies and in the numerous libraries in the region. By virtue of being located in the heart of the Washington DC metro area, the MLIS program always includes both students with Juris Doctor degrees who plan to transition to a career in law librarianship and students who are interested more broadly in careers that involve the use of legal and government information. The Legal Informatics (LI) specialization will prepare students to work with legal information in a variety of settings, including public and academic law libraries, government agencies, archives, and other libraries where patrons often conduct research related to the law. With two full-time faculty members who have Juris Doctor degrees in addition to their PhDs, the MLIS program is extremely well-positioned to offer this specialization.While a number of other MLIS programs at other universities offer specializations or tracks related to law librarianship, the LI specialization will be unique as it will prepare students so that they:

  1. Are proficient users and researchers of legal and government information and resources;
  2. Understand the broader social and political contexts surrounding awareness of, access to, and literacy about legal information.
  3. Are prepared to educate others about legal information literacy and the use of these materials and resources;
  4. Are able to advocate for public access to and understanding of legal information and resources
Intelligence and Analytics:

MLIS graduates have long been sought after by a number of government agencies because they are uniquely skilled. In particular, experts have identified to us that an MLIS background is especially useful for:

  • Collection and analysis of information, especially open-source information.
  • Collection analysis and expertise (i.e. identifying information gaps and determining how to fill them).
  • Management and organization of collections of information. 

Collecting, sorting, and evaluating information, especially patterns in information, are key aspects of cybersecurity. MLIS graduates with the skills learned throughout the MLIS program core as well as the Intelligence and Analytics (IA) specialization will allow them to pursue a wide-range of career opportunities in a rapidly growing field. Many graduates of the MLIS program already take positions related to these skills in intelligence and analytics contexts.  The courses for the IA specialization better enable students to develop a range of practical and analytical skills to find, organize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and data sources related to intelligence and the related policy and cybersecurity climate.

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