Maryland’s iSchool Takes Part in 2012 iConference

Maryland’s iSchool Takes Part in 2012 iConference

The University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies, Maryland’s iSchool, congratulates its seven faculty members and eight students who are taking part in this week’s iConference, running from Tuesday, Februrary 7 through Friday, February 10.

The iConference series is presented by the iSchools organization, a worldwide collective of 33 Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field, and sharing a fundamental in the relationships between information, people and technology. For the complete conference program, please visit:

Accepted Papers:

  • Assistant Professor Bo Xie, Tom Yeh (University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab), and doctoral students Greg Walsh, Ivan Watkins and Man Huang, “Co-Designing an E-Health Tutorial for Older Adults”
  • Doctoral student Dana Rotman, Dean and Professor Jennifer Preece, doctoral student Yurong He, and Associate Dean and Professor Allison Druin, “Extreme Ethnography: Challenges for Research in Large Scale Online Environments”
  • Doctoral student Jes Koepfler and Associate Professor Ken Fleischmann, “Studying the Values of Hard-to-Reach Populations: Content Analysis of Tweets by the 21st Century Homeless”
  • Doctoral student Man Huang, Derek Hansen (Brigham Young University), and Assistant Professor Bo Xie, “Older Adults' Online Health Information Seeking Behavior”

Accepted Posters:

  • Doctoral student Lesley Langa, “Are Public Libraries Using Research Data to Advocate?”
  • Doctoral student Jes Koepfler and Derek Hansen (Brigham Young University), “We Are Visible: Technology-Mediated Social Participation in a Twitter Network for the Homeless”

Event sessions:

  • Doctoral student Amalia Levi, Assistant Professor June Ahn, Sahar Khamis (University of Maryland Department of Communication), doctoral students Jes Koepfler and Ivan Watkins, and Assistant Professor Bo Xie are taking part in an alternative event session on “Health, Social Media and Diverse Populations”
  • Associate Professor Ken Fleischmann and Assistant Professor Katie Shilton are part of a Fishbowl session on “Data Management and Human Values.”
  • Assistant Professor Leah Findlater is part of a Fishbowl session on “Accessibility in the iSchools: Not Just for People with Disabilities?”
  • Associate Professor Ken Fleischmann is also moderating a panel, “Ethics and Policy.”