iSchool Congratulates Doctoral Research Day Winners

iSchool Congratulates Doctoral Research Day Winners

​The iSchool is pleased to announce the following winners of 2014's Doctoral Research Day competition, held Monday, March 10, 2014:

Kim Glasgow, Best Poster Award Winner, and Jenny Preece

Best Poster Award Winner: Kimberly Glasgow
Poster Title: Our grief is unspeakable: Measuring the community impact of a tragedy
Coauthors: Clay Fink & Jordan Boyd-Graber


Best Poster Runner Up Jyothi Vinjumur and Dean Jennifer Preece

Best Poster Award Runner-up: Jyothi Vinjumur
Poster Title:  Assessing the usability and reusability of an e-Discovery privilege collection
Coauthors: Douglas W. Oard & Jiaul Piaik


Rebecca Follman, Dean Jennifer Preece, Christie Kodama, Natalie Greene Taylor, Most Popular Poster

Most Popular Poster Award Winners: Rebecca Follman, Natalie Greene Taylor, & Christie Kodama
Poster Title: From eye rolls to "I can!": Understanding the health literacy of disadvantaged tweens
Coauthors: Mega Subramaniam, Beth St. Jean, Faith Ambrosini, & Dana Casciotti


Dean Jennifer Preece and Amanda Waugh

Most Popular Poster Award Runner-up: Amanda Waugh
Poster Title: A case of identity exploration: Preliminary findings
Coauthors: The Sci-Dentity Team