Dr. Allison Druin Accepts Prestigious Position at Pratt Institute

Dr. Allison Druin Accepts Prestigious Position at Pratt Institute

Dr. Allison Druin, Professor at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, Accepts Prestigious Position at Pratt Institute, May 1, 2017

The University of Maryland College of Information Studies is proud (and sad) to announce that Dr. Allison Druin, Professor, has accepted the position of Associate Provost for Research & Strategic Partnerships at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City, world renowned for its leadership in art, architecture, design and information studies.

Dr. Druin has been a Professor, Lab Director, Associate Dean, and Chief Futurist at the University of Maryland for nearly 20 years. During this time, her personal research focus has been on the development of technology for children – resulting in collaborations with prominent organizations ranging from Google and Nickelodeon to the White House and U.S. Library of Congress. Among many notable contributions to the field, Dr. Druin’s work resulted in the development of the International Children’s Digital Library (the largest in the world), the redesign of the visitor experience at the Lincoln Memorial, and the creation of the famous Nickelodeon “Do Not Touch” button.

She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her research: named ACM Fellow in 2016, received the CHI Academy in 2016, named ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2014, and received the SIGCHI Social Impact Award in 2010.

With a lifelong passion for bringing people together to promote discussion, research, and change, Dr. Druin established the University of Maryland KidsTeam research group, co-founded The Future of Information Alliance with Dr. Ira Chinoy, and co-chaired the CHI 2016 conference, the largest CHI gathering to date with over 3,800 attendees.

She is currently on leave from the University of Maryland, working as Special Advisor for National Digital Strategy for the National Park Service, where she is leading strategic planning to bring digital experiences to visitors and to enhance digital preservation.

Dr. Druin looks forward to her next chapter at Pratt Institute, beginning June 2017, where she will spearhead new and innovative approaches to expanding research within the Institute as well as with partners outside of the Institute to foster new research centers and directions. Her early education as a graphic designer coupled with a lifetime of information and research systems expertise gives her a perspective uniquely suited for the Pratt Institute.

We are thrilled for Dr. Druin’s continued success and wish her well on her journey. We are also pleased to share that she will retain a University of Maryland College of Information Studies appointment and look forward to her ongoing partnership and mentorship of students.