Cybersecurity Independent Study

Cybersecurity Independent Study

If you are a graduate student looking for an opportunity this Fall to do an independent study in cybersecurity, please read on…

At the nexus of big data and cybersecurity, we are conducting research to identify potential security attacks before they come to fruition, and, based on this identification, develop preventive counter-measures. This proactive cybersecurity approach leverages big data analysis methods including social network analysis, text mining and clustering to tap into the vast unstructured discourse and knowledge bases available on the web. This project is a collaboration between the University of Maryland at College Park and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This Fall we are looking for several students interested in doing an independent study. The selected student(s) will have opportunities to learn one or more of the following in the cybersecurity context: text mining and information retrieval techniques such as topic modeling, security classification and analysis techniques, social network analysis techniques, and databases.

There will also be opportunities to coauthor research papers on this topic. The ideal candidate should have at least one of the following areas of expertise/interests:

1) Enough programming experience to use open source libraries for various tasks such as format tables out of  XML, .csv, or HTML files and ability to use Git and Github or to learn to use those tools;

2) Interest in learning, or familiarity with MITRE's dictionaries (CVE, CAPEC, CWE) and/or follow security feeds (e.g. Microsoft Bulletins, Full Disclosure Mailing Lists);

3) Interest in learning, or familiarity with libraries for crawlers, parse text into tokens, and perform text mining analysis; and

4) Interest in learning, or familiarity with libraries to insert and manipulate data in a database

If interested, please send your resume to, and with the subject "PERCEIVE Independent Study". In your cover letter, please explicitly define which of the above qualifications you have and briefly provide supporting evidence (e.g. school project, previous work, etc.). Applications which do not include the list above and/or supportive evidence will not be considered.