Announcing the iSchool's iAffiliates Program and First Partner: The Allegis Group

Announcing the iSchool's iAffiliates Program and First Partner: The Allegis Group

The iAffiliates program is a strategic University of Maryland College of Information Studies (iSchool) initiative designed to provide industry partners with a framework for interacting with iSchool faculty, researchers, and students in a variety of ways ranging from exchanging information to developing collaborations on major research projects.

Building upon our strong foundation in information science, the iSchool has grown into an education and research powerhouse in human-computer interaction, digital libraries, cloud computing, information access, e-government, social media, and now cybersecurity. Our institution is driven by the pursuit of big ideas and new discoveries to imagine how we can empower our industry partners, inspire communities, and energize economies.

The iSchool recognizes that technology and public interest play critical roles in our world. Located right outside of Washington, D.C., the nation’s information capital, the iSchool is a gateway for transforming how people find, assess and provide information to the world. In today’s data driven economy, strategic information is the single most important asset for any organization. As an iAffiliate partner, your organization can make the best use of your information assets by working with Information School experts who can help identify and solve issues related to the way your employees or customers create, store, access, manage, use and share information.

iAffiliate partners can collaborate with the iSchool in several ways including sponsoring student Capstone projects, offering internships or directed field work opportunities, participating in the iSchool Career Fair, providing underwriting for events, or working with faculty or doctoral students on research demonstration projects.

The main objective of the iAffiliates Program is to support the mutual needs of business, industry, and academia in information research, human-computer interaction, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing platforms, e-government and social media. This is accomplished by providing mechanisms for technical exchange, shared projects, and employment of students.

We are pleased to announce the iSchool's first iAffilates partner, the Allegis Group. The Allegis Group is an international talent management firm headquartered in Hanover, Maryland. They provide staffing and workforce management services to clients in the IT industry, sales and marketing, law firms, financial services, and human resource management. Originally founded as Aerotek in 1983 by Allegis Group's current CEO Jim C. Davis and Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, the company has 15,000 employees in offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Allegis Group is the largest privately-held talent management company in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the iAffiliates program, please contact Dr. Timothy Summers at