2014 Doctoral Research Day to be Held March 10

2014 Doctoral Research Day to be Held March 10

March 10, 2014, 5-7 pm
2nd Floor, Hornbake Building, South Wing

Come join the iSchool at 2014 Doctoral Research Day! This event combines poster presentations and mini-talks based on selected research studies. You are cordially invited to meet with our doctoral students and their faculty advisors, listen to the presentations, and discuss the numerous ways to collaborate with the people at the iSchool. Light refreshments will be provided. Research topics include the following:

  • Big Data
  • Health Informatics
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Policy
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Management
  • Natural Language Processing
  • e-Government
  • Public Library
  • School Library
  • Social Computing
  • Social Media

A full program of presenters will be posted as it becomes available.

ID Author(s) Title
1  Zahra Ashktorab iAnon: Leveraging social network big data to mitigate behavioral symptoms of cyberbullying
2  Lloyd A. Beers, Jr. and Katie Shilton Psychological ownership in the archives workplace
3  Anne Bowser and Jennifer Preece Introducing dual dimension data: A citizen science concern
4  Lou Anne DeMattei Social media at work: Measuring collaboration
5  Jeffrey DiScala Hiring school librarians: The role of the school library district supervisor
6  Rachel Donahue Glitchstories: Preserving massively multiplayer online games
7  Rebecca Follman From someone who has been there: Information seeking in faculty mentoring
8  Ning Gao, Mark Dredze, and Douglas W. Oard Entity linking in first-person communication: Experiments with the Enron collection
9  Kimberly Glasgow, Clay Fink, and Jordan Boyd-Graber Our grief is unspeakable: Measuring the community impact of a tragedy 

 Alvin Grissom II, John Morgan, Naho Orita, Jordan Boyd-  Graber

Verb prediction: Prediction for online machine translation
11  Donal Heidenblad Men who code: Identity challenges to F/OSS meritocracy
12  Jinyoung Kim and June Ahn New mothers' social networking site use and psychological well-being
13  Lesley A. Langa Does Twitter help museums engage with visitors?
14  Dennis Linders The "Smart City" as a platform for collaboration
15  Xu Meng, Chen Huang, Brian Butler and Ping Wang Emergence and growth of the MOOC innovation community
16  Thang Nguyen, Yuening Hu and Jordan Boyd-Graber Anchors regularized: Adding robustness and extensibility to scalable topic-modeling algorithms
17  Chi Young Oh, Brian Butler, Myeong Lee, and Suhas  Mahajan How they adjusted in the U.S.: Intenational students seeking local information
18  Daniel Pauw, Jason Yip, Elizabeth  Bonsignore, June Ahn,  Michael Gubbels, Emily Rhodes, Charley Lewittes, and  Tamara Clegg Unseen scientific disposition: Detecting meaningful practices in technology-linked science learning
19  Anthony Pellicone and June Ahn Construction and community: Interaction in a Minecraft affinity space
20  Christina K. Pikas Play by play or color comments: The evolution of tweeting from conferences
21  Erin Smith Crabb, Alan Mishler, and Ryan Corbett Predicting personality: Determining linguistic cues for neuroticism
22  Mega Subramaniam, Beth St. Jean, Rebecca Follman, Faith  Ambrosini, Natalie Greene Taylor, Christie Kodama, and  Dana Casciotti From eye rolls to "I can!": Understanding the health literacy of disadvantaged tweens
23  Jyothi Vinjumur, Douglas W. Oard, and Jiaul Piaik Assessing the usability and reusability of an e-discovery privilege collection
24  Amanda Waugh and the Sci-Dentity Team A case of identity exploration: Preliminary findings
25  Tan Xu, Paul McNamee, and Douglas W. Oard Temporal summarization: Extract sentences for breaking news