Career Paths in Library & Information Sciences

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Career Paths in Library and Information Science

An MLIS from the University of Maryland will take you far.

The fully American Library Association (ALA) accredited Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at the University of Maryland (UMD) prepares students for careers in a plethora of fields-including government, higher education, archives, museums, libraries, startups and many other organizations engaged in information activities. There truly is a broad range of possibilities open to our graduates.

Where do our graduates work?

The MLIS Job Placement Survey, which tracks the job placement of alumni within six months of graduation, revealed that UMD MLIS graduates are working in the following fields (with real examples included below).

Job Placement survey

  • Academia
  • Government
  • Archives
  • Public libraries
  • Museums
  • Information technology
  • Non-profit organizations
  • School libraries
  • Corporate organizations

The majority of our MLIS graduates work for academic institutions and the government, with public libraries and archives also having strong representation. There has been significant growth in past few years of graduates working in the technology sector.

MLIS Skills

MLIS graduates are prepared to be leaders in their chosen field. Students graduate from the program with an impressive and diverse set of skills which set them apart from other applicants. Graduates reported that the most valuable skills they learned in the MLIS program were:

  • Research techniques
  • Technical proficiency
  • Project management
  • Strong theoretical foundation
  • Leadership and organizational management
  • Outreach
  • Reference
  • Pedagody
  • Versatility

These skills serve our graduates well; the MLIS Job Placement Survey reported that 97% of graduates received at least 1 job offer and 83% of graduates secured or are continuing employment within the first year of graduating. Our outstanding MLIS students leave the program ready to begin impressive careers and data shows that employers recognize the competitive value of our MLIS graduates.

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