Data Visualization Projects

Students engaging in data visualization projects build interactive data visualizations

including tools or dashboards for the organization, that drive informed business decisions.


These visualizations include Excel Sheets with data, other off-the-shelf products, and specialized tools. Deliverables include (but are not limited to) data visualization tool, final presentation, data dashboard, and user manual on using data tools.

Here are some of the projects our students have worked on: 

Reducing school crime by analyzing the trends of IPSCR’s student survey data
Redlining in Prince George’s County, Maryland
Information Seeking Behavior of Underrepresented Communities

Reducing school crime by analyzing the trends of IPSCR’s student survey data

Client: Inter-University for Political and Social Research (IPSCR)

Client Information Need

The Inter-University for Political and Social Research (IPSCR) maintains a multi-year series of survey results on the students’ perspectives on topics such as bullying and/or school safety, drugs, etc. Our clients at IPSCR wanted the student team to analyze the survey data and determine trends in student perspectives. These trends will help IPCSR make policy-making decisions related to reducing school crime such as bullying, violence, drug use, and the like. 

What We Did

  • Reviewed the data from two National Crime Surveys spanned across a decade. 
  • Using tools like Tableau, they created information visualization graphs to show the trends of the survey.
  • Created a tutorial-based report that demonstrated how other individuals from IPCSR might download, database, and use data sets from these surveys to discover and investigate trends or unique patterns in the data.


Client Presentation
Tutorial-based report for IPCSR employees
​Data Visualizations

Redlining in Prince George’s County, MarylandRedlining om PG County

Client: PALS - Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability
An initiative of the National Center for Smart Growth

Client Information Need

The project goal was to provide Prince George’s Planning Department geographic information regarding historical redlining within Prince George’s County. The Prince Georges County Planning Department is interested in using available archival material as a proxy to attain insights and redlining stories comparable to other cities in the United States.

What We Did

  • Reviewed property records and plat numbers available online
  • Created a list of property deeds from the available property records
  • Created a database of subdivision, property address, plat book, plat number, date of plat, name on plat, restriction, and links to the plat and the deed.
  • Create an ArcGIS Story Plan for PG County


ArcGIS Story Map
Deed record compilations
Client Presentation
Report and recommendations


Information Seeking Behavior of Underrepresented CommunitiesInformation seeking behavior of underrepresented communities

Client: M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation

Client Information Need

Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation offer creation programs, facilities, and services throughout the entire county to the county’s residents and visitors. They want to know the information-seeking behavior of the residents, specifically understanding how members of underrepresented communities use these services will allow the Parks Department to better tailor what they offer for the benefit of its residents. 

What We Did

  • Collected survey data from field visits to the American Indian Festival, MMYN Oktoberfest, and Council Member Glaros’ Fall Festival.
  • Visualized data on Tableau
  • Analyzed findings
  • Created and submitted a report


Survey Questionnaire
Survey results with analysis 
Data Visualizations
Report with findings, insights, and recommendations