Information Management​ - Information Process and Workflow Projects

Students engaging in information management

information process and workflow projects analyze the organizations’ business processes or information workflows for optimization, reliability and cost reduction.


Deliverables include (but are not limited to) workflow diagrams, documentation for processes, a final report on improvements/recommended modifications and a final presentation.

A sample project is listed below. 

Enhancing the understanding of the survey data using a central standardized management system

Client: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Year: Fall 2018

Client Information Need

IFPRI contain numerous socioeconomic data from over 100 countries, in multiple formats, with multiple types of metadata collected over several years. Data are typically tracked in spreadsheets or in paper reports and are not consolidated nor analyzed, except on an ad hoc basis. Our client would like the students to create a central standardized management system for its program performance data. 

What We Did

Reviewed the survey data that is being collected internationally by IFPRI 

Performed market research regarding current solutions available, both Free and Open Source Solution (FOSS) and commercial platform

They created a Performance Metrics Management Plan by creating a summary/analysis of a subsection of socioeconomic data and reports currently collected for IFPRI.

They identified interoperability issues by harmonizing various metadata that represent the same types of data and outlining recommendations.


Client Presentation
Performance Metrics Management Plan
User Interface for data collection
Business Intelligence Tool to report or display data