Database and Tech - Database and Technology Development Projects

Students engaging in database and technology development projects build

an in-house database or configure off-the-shelf applications to store organizations’ individualized data.


Deliverables include (but are not limited to) final presentation, database with data and user manual on the database. 

A sample project is listed below. 

Upgraded iSchool’s security system by developing a key management database

Client: iSchool IT and Facilities division
Year: Fall 2018

Client Information Need

The Maryland iSchool manages over 100 conference rooms, offices, lab spaces, and storage and over 200 keys that control access to them. The current key inventory system is antiquated and managed primarily through a spreadsheet- and paper-based accounting by a small number of iSchool staff. iSchool wants the student team to design and development of a new key management system for iSchool facilities.  

What We Did

Students presenting their poster

  • Analyzed how the current key system is managed by iSchool and documented the ways 
  • Analyzed the current best practices for managing physical security.
  • Designed and implemented a prototype database-driven system for staff members who are responsible for tracking the distribution of keys.
  • The system was developed from a user-based review of current processes and recommended best practices in physical security.


Client Presentation
Analysis and review document
Prototype design
Key management database
Client Report