Data Science - Data Analytics and Reporting Projects

Students engaging in data science

- data analytics and reporting projects conduct exploratory data analysis and draw conclusions from data to derive business impact. This could include insights based on customer segments, sales trends based on seasonal effects, or HR employee turnover data.


Deliverables include (but are not limited to), data visualization, final presentation, analysis results, report on recommended business actions.

A sample project is listed below.

Improving Clarity’s Capture Management decision-making process using visual representation

Client: Clarity Business Solutions
Year: Fall 2018

Client Information Need

As a growing small business, Clarity Business Solutions’ continued growth and success is based on identifying future contract opportunities to prime or team as a subcontractor. Their business focuses more on the proposal process, often referred to as Capture Management, where networking is a key component. Each of the client’s company has unique decision points or values that drive their decision, but ultimately, our client needs to collect and maintain data points to help drive this. Our client is interested in a platform to help manage this data and provide a visual representation of how the data points relate.

What We Did

 Students presenting their work

  • Identified the business opportunity by analyzing the client space and needs and their competition
  • Performed market research regarding current solutions available, both Free and Open Source Solution (FOSS) and commercial platform
  • Built a platform to help manage their client data points and provide a visual representation of how the data points relate.
  • Produced both a requirements analysis and marketing research report with recommendations about possible products that can support Clarity’s Capture Management decision-making process. Their idea was focused on improving the large scale proposal efforts.


  • Client Presentation
  • Recommendation Document
  • Data Visualizations
  • Requirement Analysis Report
  • Market Research Report