User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Projects

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UX/UI - User Experience/ User Interface Projects

Students engaging in UX/ UI - user experience/ user interface projects conduct deep user research to understand the client's needs and iteratively design a product for them. This comprehensive project includes extensive background research, in-depth field interviews, ideation, and an iterative design process to generate a validated product design for the client. Deliverables include (but are not limited to), final written report, final presentation, working prototype, experience models and affinity diagram. 

A sample project is listed below. 

Increasing Millennial Engagement in Montgomery County Parks

Client: Montgomery County (MD) Parks
Year: Spring 2017


Montgomery County Parks consists of 422 parks and they work to provide an enjoyable park system that promotes community. Park systems want ways to increase user engagement, especially with the millennials by leveraging smartphones. 

WHAT WE DID Design Team working on affinity notes

To understand millennials motivations for going (and not going) to parks, the team:

  • Interviewed participants from the county 
  • Generated some design ideas based on the findings collected from the interview

They then applied what they learned to:

  • Designing the mockups and low fidelity screens
  • Evaluating the mockups with the users
  • Refining the designs based on the feedback received 

The final Montgomery Parks app mockups implemented user-generated content, social experience, scavenger hunts, a virtual trail guide, and personalized notifications into the app experience. 


Client Presentation
Interactive Prototype
Design Patterns
Affinity Diagrams
​Experience Models

View the final presentation here.