Research Projects

Funder: Other

How COVID-19 is Changing Workplace Surveillance: American Workers’ Experiences & Privacy Expectations When Working From Home
Principal Investigator(s): Jessica Vitak
Funder: SSRC Rapid-Response Research Grants 2020 Other
Research Areas: Future of Work
Investigating American workers' attitudes toward workplace surveillance, including employers' collection of their data for workplace monitoring and efficiency tracking, which has shifted to working-at-home surveillance due to Covid-19.
Community-centered Strategies for Sustaining Digital Humanities Scholarship
Principal Investigator(s): Katrina Fenlon
Funder: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Other
Research Areas: Digital Humanities
Identifying strategies that digital humanities research communities may use to contribute to and increase the sustainability of their own digital resources and collections.
Designing Equitable Computational Thinking Learning Opportunities in Under-Resourced Elementary Mathematics Classrooms
Principal Investigator(s): David Weintrop
Funder: The National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Other
Research Areas: Youth Experience, Learning, and Digital Practices
Integrating computational thinking into elementary mathematics classrooms in a way that empowers learners to draw on their Funds of Knowledge while also working within the constraints of the public education system.
Collaboration Network for Excellent Education and Research in Dependable and Secure Distributed Systems (CREDENCE)
Principal Investigator(s): Keith Marzullo
Funder: University System of Maryland Foundation Inc. Other
Research Areas: Smart Cities and Connected Communities
Building a collaborative network of leading computer science departments and laboratories in Brazil, Canada and the US to advance the design and validation of security/reliability-critical distributed systems, such as smart homes and cities, cloud computing, smart energy and cryptocurrency systems.
Tapestry: A Tool for Managing Integrated Cyber Risk
Principal Investigator(s): Charles Harry
Funder: Maryland Innovation Initiative Other
Research Areas: Data Privacy and Sociotechnical Cybersecurity
Promoting a patent-pending analytic method and scoring technology that can guide risk assessment for individual organizations and their infrastructure to target and quantify cyber risks throughout an organization.
Integrating Immigrants Into the LIS Workforce: A Pilot, Collaborative Project
Principal Investigator(s): Ana Ndumu
Funder: Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Other
Research Areas: Information Justice, Human Rights, and Technology Ethics > Library and Information Science
Introducing refugees and immigrants to library professions through a self-paced mini-course as part of a one-year pilot in partnership with the REFORMA Mid-Atlantic Chapter and Prince George’s Public Library System.