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  • Declare InfoSci Major

Declaring InfoSci as Your Major at College Park

Information for Prospective Students:

The Information Science (InfoSci) major is not a Limited Enrollment Program, meaning you can declare by following a two-step process outlined below. This process is not instanteous and should be done in advance of Registration to prevent delays in scheduling. This applies to current University of Maryland undergraduate students who would like to change their major to Information Science. Attending an Information Session, does not require or guarantee completion of the major change process. (Freshman Connection and External Transfer students go through Orientation instead)

Click here to sign up here for an Information Session!

[All Sessions for Fall 2019 have been filled. Check back later to see if a student has canceled. The final Information Session on 12/6 will be a WebEx presentation. Registered students will receive access information December 3rd]

InfoSci Change of Major Process:

The InfoSci Change of Major process is iteratively updated to ensure students transition through the change of major process more quickly. Previously, the process was entirely online and available 24/7 outside of "blackout" periods such as Schedule Adjustment and Finals Week. In order to manage the feedback and revision of Two Semester Plans we use ELMS to house this process. 

The InfoSci Change of Major sterps are as follows:

  1. Students will use the link above to register for an Information Session using Waitwhile. Students are required to attend an InfoSci Information Session in order to change their major. Sessions will be held twice a week in Hornbake beginning the week of September 16th. Sessions will be limited to 10 students.
  2. Students who attend the InfoSci Information Session will gain access to the Change of Major ELMS space. Additionally, students will learn about InfoSci policies that will likely impact them in their first few semesters, an overview of the major, and instructions on how to complete the one-year plan (some student populations are required to do a full academic plan).

    Information Sessions will be lead by an InfoSci Advisor and an undergraduate InfoSci Ambassador, so students will be able to get feedback from both an advising and student perspective. 
  3. The final step of the InfoSci Change of Major process is the submission of major change forms, namely a one-year course plan to the ELMS. Students will complete a program sheet based on their InfoSci uAchieve audit and a one-year projected registration plan. This will be submitted electronically for review and feedback via comments in ELMS by an InfoSci advisor. Each submission or resubmission may take up to ten days to process, longer at the end of the semester as our queue is flooded. Upon successful completion, the student will have their major changed to InfoSci. 

    Students will complete a traditional academic/4 year/graduation plan during mandatory advising in their first semester in the InfoSci major. 


More Information:

  1. Watch the InfoSci Program Introduction video. As a college we want to be sure you have all of the information needed to make informed decisions about your educational goals and career options prior to declaring your major. Also, please see our FAQ page for more information.

  2.  Follow the Course Prerequisite List. (Note: CMSC122 Does not fulfill INST126 requirement)


Students interested in learning more about the major should be directed to our walk-in hours which are posted on the InfoSci website.