Vikas M. Sahasrabudhe

Vikas M. Sahasrabudhe

Adjunct Lecturer
301 405 2033


PhD, Computer Science, Berkeley


Prof. Vikas Sahasrabudhe received an M.S. (1968) and Ph.D. (1972) in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.  Prior to entering academics, he had 30 years of practical experience in the application of information systems and technology – 5 years in the software industry in India and 25 years at the World Bank.  In his academic career of 11 years, he has taught courses on a wide spectrum of topics from purely technical to strategic management of information systems and technology.  His research interests are leveraging information technology for learning and for collaboration.

Research Interest

Leveraging information technology for learning and for collaboration


  • INFM 612
  • INFM 620,
  • INFM 711
  • INST 706

Recent Publications & Products

  • Sahasrabudhe, V. and Kanungo, S. “A system dynamics model of post-installation use of enterprise information systems”, Proceedings of the 29th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, July 2011 in Washington, DC.

  • Sahasrabudhe, V., Kanungo, S. and Iyer, R. “Understanding the impact of communications technologies on virtual team performance: An agent-based simulation model”, Proceedings of (IEEE sponsored) Winter Simulation Conference, December 2011 in Phoenix, AR.

  • Sahasrabudhe, V. and Kanungo, S. “Appropriate media choice for e-learning effectiveness: Role of learning domain and learning style”, Journal of Computers & Education, July 2014