Tamara Clegg

Dr. Tamara Clegg

Tamara Clegg

Associate Professor
Patuxent 2109H
(301) 405-2930

PhD, Georgia Tech

Research Interests:

Developing technology to support life-relevant learning environments, participatory design with children

My work is about understanding how we can help people come to see themselves in new ways by helping them form new relationships with information.  When children begin to interact with the information available in their daily lives (e.g., about ingredients, sports plays, dances), they begin to take on new roles and see themselves in new, more empowered ways.  The future of information lies in using technology to enable trans-disciplinary learning experiences.

ScienceKit for Science Everywhere - A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically-Minded Children

Principal Investigator: Tamara Clegg

This project designs and implements ubiquitous technology tools to help children in the United States, especially those in lower socioeconomic status neighborhoods, who face systematic challenges in connecting science learning across school, home, and informal experiences.

Bering Land Bridge - Alaskan Animal Adaptations Web Page

Principal Investigator: Tamara Clegg

The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, one of the most remote and isolated park service sites, hopes to engage with young visitors with an improved Alaska Animal Adaptation web page on its website.

NatureNet - Community-Driven Environmental Projects (C-DEP)

Principal Investigator: Jennifer J. Preece, Tamara Clegg

The Community-Driven Environmental Projects (C-DEP) model is a multi-university research endeavor funded by the NSF AISL program with an objective to engage members of diverse communities in local nature and environmental conservation projects of their choosing.