Katie Shilton

Dr. Katie Shilton

Katie Shilton

Associate Professor & Doctoral Program Director
Patuxent Building, Room 1109-F
(301) 405-3777

I lead the Ethics & Values in Design (EViD) Lab at the UMD iSchool. I'm also active in the CASCIIPAC and DCIC research centers. In addition to my research pursuits, I teach courses in information policy, information and technology ethics, and digital curation.


My research focuses on ethics and policy for the design of information technologies, systems, and collections.

Current Research Interests

  • Social and ethical implications of emerging technologies
  • Information policy
  • Information ethics
  • Social values and technology design


  • B.A. from Oberlin College
  • Master of Library and Information Science from UCLA
  • Ph.D. in Information Studies from UCLA.


  • Google Faculty Award
  • NSF CAREER award

Finding Practices that Cultivate Ethical Computing in Mobile and Wearable Application Research & Development

Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton Adam A. Porter & Elizabeth Lynn Blake & Jonathan Wilkenfeld & Alexander Robert Jonas & Audrey R Tetteh & Devin Hayes Ellis
Investigator: Susan Winter
Research Area:

This project studies academic and commercial software research and development (R&D) to discover factors that encourage discussion and action on ethical challenges.

Finding Levers for Privacy and Security by Design in MobileDevelopment

Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton
Research Area:

Privacy and data security in mobile applications are necessary for information collection but oftentimes expensive and difficult to implement. This project seeks to study developers’ practices that encourage privacy and security in design and build tools to encourage such practices.

The Development of Ethical Cultures in Computer Security Research

Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton
Research Area:

Computer security researchers must navigate ethical dilemmas about how to use big data and shared networked resources to discover vulnerabilities; how to safely expose these problems; and how to best ensure that critical vulnerabilities are fixed.

Collaborative Research: Pervasive Data Ethics for Computational Research (PERVADE)

Principal Investigator: Katie Shilton, Jessica Vitak
Investigator: Sarah Gilbert
Research Area:

Increasingly pervasive data about people enables fundamentally new computational research. Simultaneously, changes in scale, scope, speed, and depth of data availability require reconsideration of ethics for computational research. Much work addressing ethics for big and pervasive data proceeds from first principles, applying traditional tenets of research ethics to computational data research.

Safely Searching Among Sensitive Content

Associated Research Centers:
Principal Investigator: Douglas W. Oard
Investigator: Katie Shilton