Douglas W. Oard

Douglas W. Oard

Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty
Patuxent 1109C
(301) 405-7590
(301) 314-9145


UMIACS Office:


Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
Office: Room 3131 A.V. Williams Building

Research Interests:

Information technology, user modeling, information retrieval

In earlier times, we thought of our challenge as making good use of the vast trove of materials created by millions of authors.  Today, we think of our challenge as harnessing the intellectual contributions of billions of people.  As the proverb says, "may you live in interesting times."  We surely do!

Safely Searching Among Sensitive Content

Principal Investigator: Douglas W. Oard
Investigator: Katie Shilton
Research Area:

When using today’s search engines, people can not yet search some government records or unprocessed archives because of intermixed information that may need to be protected. This is a direct consequence from current search engines only being able to protect sensitive content if that sensitive content has been marked in advance. This project will address this challenge by creating a new class of search algorithms that are designed to balance the searcher's interest in finding relevant content with the content provider's interest in protecting sensitive content.