Brian Butler

Brian Butler

Brian Butler

Professor and Senior Associate Dean
1109F, Patuxent Building
(301) 405-2033
(301) 314-9145

PhD, Carnegie Mellon
Office: 1109F, Patuxent Building

Research Interests

IT impacts on geographically-embedded markets, business continuity management, dynamics of online communities and other technology-supported groups, social networking systems, politics of technology implementation in organizations, impact of electronic commerce on inter-organizational relationships

My research and teaching is focused on developing the theories and techniques that will enable us to understand and realize the full potential of new technologies for improving our online communities and technology-supported organizations.


Fostering Community-Based Technology Innovation

Principal Investigator: Brian Butler

This workshop seeks to promote development of multidisciplinary communities through networking, formation of new collaborations, and articulation of a research agenda that will advance understanding, design, and assessment of efforts to foster community-based technological innovation.