Gagan Jindal's Dissertation Proposal Defense

Gagan Jindal's Dissertation Proposal Defense

“It’s too exhausting Googling like 50 things”: Designing a Crowdsourced Repository of Local Resources for Individuals who have Chronic Health Conditions"

November 8, 2:00pm 

Hornbake South Wing, Room 4115

Individuals who have chronic health conditions often encounter considerable barriers to locating information on local resources in their communities (e.g. libraries, senior centers, fitness classes, nutrition services, faith-based services, support groups, etc.) that can help them better manage their health. I outline a three-step study around the research and design of an online health information system to streamline this information-seeking process with a crowdsourced repository of information of local health resources for this population. I initially conducted a qualitative study with 15 in-depth semi-structured interviews to assess the strategies used, and the challenges faced by, these individuals in their attempts to identify these types of local resources in their communities (Chapter 1). The evidence from this study suggests the potential for the uptake of a novel online health information system that will rely on users to crowdsource and keep an up-to-date repository of information on relevant local health resources. Based on the results of this study, I will conduct a second study using a card-sorting method to determine the system functions, features, and content individuals who have chronic health conditions feel they need in order to determine if a local resource will be useful for them (Chapter 2). Finally, based on the results of these two previous studies, I plan to develop a series of low-fidelity wireframes to guide cooperative design sessions with participants who have chronic health conditions for my third study to finalize recommendations for the design of the proposed online health information system (Chapter 3). 

Committee Members:

Professor Beth St. Jean (Chair)

Professor Shannon Leigh Jette, School of Public Health (Dean’s Representative)

Professor Paul Jaeger

Professor Kari Kraus

Professor Amanda Lazar


Open to the public, no RSVP required.