MSL Meets iSchool Faculty

Maryland State Library (MSL) Board Meets iSchool Faculty 

Goals of this meeting:

  1. To share the research and teaching endeavors that are ongoing at the iSchool with the MSL board members

  2. To brainstorm potential avenues for collaboration between the iSchool, MSL, and other entities 

December 7, 1:30-3:30pm 


The schedule for the meeting is as follows:

1.30 to 1.40 pm - Welcome by the Dean, Dr. Keith Marzulllo (includes introducing the MSL board members)

1.40 to 1.50 pm - Presentation on the MLIS program & iSchool engagement with the state (Paul Jaeger and Ursula Gorham, MLIS Co-Directors)

Next are panel sessions, where each speaker will talk about his/her research for 5 minutes or less, and then the discussant will moderate any questions asked by the MSL Board members. The Q & A for each panel will be 5 minutes. Each panel session will be 20 minutes (with the exception of the last one which will be for 15 minutes). 

Moderators: Please connect with your panelists to get a sense on what each panelist would like to share, and how your panel would like to handle the Q&A. I would also suggest moderators to be ready with 1-2 questions that can be asked to the panelists, in the event that there are no questions from the MSL Board Members (which is unlikely, but just in case).

Panel Sessions:

1.50 to 2.10 pm - Richard Marchiano, Katrina Fenlon, Vanessa Frias-Martinez (Discussant: Richard Marchiano)

2.10 to 2.30 pm - Ana Ndumu, Ann Weeks, Mega Subramaniam (Discussant: Ann Weeks)

2.30 to 2.50 pm - Beth Bonsignore, Tammy Clegg, Jessica Vitak (Discussant: Beth Bonsignore)
2.50 to 3.05 pm - Gregg Vanderheiden, Jonathan Lazar (Discussant: Gregg Vanderheiden)
Small Group Discussion:
3.05 to 3.25 pm - Each panel will host a small group discussion with interested board members. 
3.25 to 3.30 pm - Concluding remarks (Deans Keith Marzullo and Brian Butler)
Additional information/request: Prior to this meeting, the MSL Board members will join iSchool staff and faculty for lunch at Hornbake North (after our APT meeting and their board meeting). I would encourage all of you to meet and chat with them. We are planning to have students showcasing their research work through posters during lunch. If you have any students who would like to participate (your students may have recently made posters that they have presented at recent conferences), please send their names, e-mail address, degree program that they are enrolled in, and the title of their posters to Mega Subramaniam, by Nov 27, 2018. 
This event is open to iSchool faculty and staff. Thank you so much for making time to share your research.