iSchool Dean's Lecture Series

iSchool Dean's Lecture Series

Computational Participation: Critical Issues in K-12 Computer Science Education

Speaker: Yasmin B. Kafai, Ed.D


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division

University of Pennsylvania 

December 3, 10:00-11:00am

2119 Hornbake Library, South Wing 

We are witnessing a remarkable comeback of computer programming in schools. While computers seem to be accessible everywhere, particularly outside school, where children and youth are connecting to wider networks of other young users, their capacity to wield such devices critically, creatively, and selectively is decidedly less potent. Learning the language of computers introduces students to processes for not only thinking and solving problems, but also for engaging and making meaningful connections online. Computational participation moves beyond the individual in computational thinking to focus on wider social networks and DIY cultures of digital "making." I describe contemporary examples and challenges to broaden access, diversify representation, and address critical issues in computational participation.

Open to all, no RSVP required.