Aditya Bhat

Aditya Bhat

PhD Student
 4111 M Hornbake Library


Aditya Bhat completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and went on to pursue a master’s degree in Information management from the iSchool. He loves the iSchool so much that he decided to continue with his PhD here to excel in his career. He will be working with Dr. Jennifer Golbeck at the iSchool and Dr. Robert Koulish, Director of the MLAW Programs at UMD.

Research Focus

My main research interests are machine learning, natural language processing, immigration law, and data science.

Research Goals

My research involves applying machine learning and natural language techniques in the context of immigration law. I hope that the techniques that I develop during my research will help humans make better decisions in terms of detention and discretion towards the immigrants apprehended.

Career Goals

After my PhD, I plan to pursue a career in academia as a professor at a good research-focused school within the US.