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Returning to Campus, Testing, Reporting

Student Resources

Virtual Student Advising: InfoSci College Park | InfoSci Shady Grove | Graduate Programs

Faculty and Staff Resources

  • UMD Telework Resources:
  • UMD Telwork Accessibility and accommodations: University employees with disabilities experiencing challenges to complete their job duties while teleworking (that is, inability to use technology, not having the needed assistive technology, software or hardware and so on.) may seek assistance at:
  • UMD has created a new resource for faculty,, which includes guidance, strategies, and resources to change from in-person instruction to virtual instruction.
  • Instructors will find resources on how to implement students’ accommodations in online courses at the Keep Teaching accessibility page.
  • For information on equipment, technology, and other resources available to support online working and teaching, visit
  • How to Request Permission to Conduct Research on Campus
    • UMD researchers who are conducting Human Subject Research or need access to specialized equipment/materials and have received permission can now work on campus.
    • To request permission to conduct research on campus, please contact Keith Marzullo, Dean,, and Susan Winter, Associate Dean for Research,
    • Please note that requests are reviewed by several groups and not all requests may be approved as UMD continues to navigate using spaces safely. For Human Subject Research, priority will be given to projects with direct benefits to the participant.
  • Guidance if You are Approved to Conduct Research on Campus
  • Patuxent Building Coverage: iSchool spaces in Patuxent will be available when campus is open administratively. There will be a very limited staff presence during this time in Patuxent. Currently, one staff member will be available on Wednesdays from 9am-4pm. Other than this time, there is no guarantee of a staff presence. Signage will be posted on exterior doors and throughout the space identifying contact information for assistance. 
  • Mail & Packages: Regular mail and package delivery operations at the iSchool have resumed as of 9/14/2020.
    • Please address all mail and packages as follows: College of Information Studies, 0220 Hornbake Library, 4130 Campus Drive, College Park, MD 20742. Mail and packages will be distributed 2-3 times a week to individual offices where you may retrieve them.
    • If there is an urgent need for you to retrieve a delivery from UPS or FedEx, please send the tracking number to so that we can notify you of the delivery and make arrangements for you to pick up the delivery directly from UMD’s Central Receiving Office in the Severn Building.
  • Paychecks: Physical paychecks will be mailed to payroll address on file the day that they are issued. The state is highly encouraging all personnel to sign up for direct deposit to avoid any delays in paycheck delivery. You can sign up for direct deposit using the following form: If you have any concerns you can email
  • Expense Reimbursement: If you have purchased anything that requires an expense reimbursement from the University, please submit your requests with receipts to ASAP. Processing expense reimbursements require that iSchool staff be physically present in the office and is dependent on the functioning of other UMD units and the State of MD. Given the rapid changes occuring, there may be a chance that your reimbursement may not be able to be processed until the University and State are back at full operations. Getting these requests in as soon as possible will lower your chances of a possible long delay. 
  • Purchasing: Until the University and State are back to full operations, do not purchase anything with your own funds. There will be long delays in getting reimbursed for these expenses. College purchasing during this time will be limited to essential needs only. If you have an essential purchasing need, please contact the following: 
    • Software and technology - Dave Baugh,
    • All other expenses -  
    • Requests will be vetted by College leadership to assess actual need prior to purchase being made. 
  • ​Hourly Student Worker Usage: The College is asking that no hourly student work from a campus location. With supervisor approval, and as appropriate, hourly students may continue to work remotely. As a supervisor, if you are uncomfortable continuing to work with a student remotely, you should ask them not to log any hours until they are able to come back to campus. Graduate Assistants should continue to work with their supervisors remotely. As a supervisor, if you are not able to accomodate remote work for your graduate assistant, please contact immediately. ​

The iSchool will have a limited amount of staff physically present in the Hornbake and Patuxent buildings.  In addition, the north wing of the Hornbake Building will be locked and only accessible to faculty and staff who have card access, beginning today through the duration of the closure of campus. All other iSchool buildings will continue to operate with normal hours.

If you need to access your office or any resources on the ground floor of Hornbake, please do so by entering from the South wing and passing through the corridor on the Ground floor..

 I would also strongly encourage all iSchool faculty and staff to carry their University ID cards at all times when on campus.  All of our full time faculty and staff have swipe access to these spaces enabled.  However, should you encounter any issues accessing the space, please contact the UMPD non-emergency number (301)405-3555 for immediate assistance and follow up with the iSchool Facilities team ( as needed.

If you encounter any facilities-related issue, please contact UMD Facilities Management at 301-405-2222 to report. After reporting, please pass along an email to so that we can follow up on reported issues as necessary.

As we prepare for the potential continued spread and impact of COVID-19, please review and update your contact information, including emergency contacts, on file in the UMD system (ARES).

  1. Access the ARES website at
  2. On the left-hand side of the main ARES screen, click Payroll and Human Resources
  3. Click Access Personal PHR Information
  4. Enter your Directory ID and Password
  5. Click Login
  6. Click Continue
  7. Review all pages and make changes to your information as necessary
  8. Click on the "Emergency Contact" tab in the black bar located on the top of the page.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of each page where changes were made and click "Save Changes"

Please direct any questions to

  • For travel on grant funds that cannot bear cancellation or change fees, the iSchool will absorb those fees.
  • For travel on startup funds, the iSchool will absorb cancellation and change fees.
  • If you have paid for travel-related expenses for trips that currently have an approved Travel Approval Form processed, we will work with you to ensure you are reimbursed for any expenses you cannot refund.
  • The iSchool will continue to process travel reimbursement requests for trips that have already completed and have approved TARs.
  • iSchool travel forms can be found here: Contact Melekte Truneh,, for support.
  • ​Travel Reimbursements: If you have reimbursement needs for travel expenses for travel that has already occurred, please submit those requests to ASAP. The same limitations apply to travel expense reimbursements, so getting these requests in as soon as possible will lower your chances of a possible long delay. 
    • Reimbursements for non-refundable travel with an approved iSchool Travel Approval Form should be handled by: 
      • 1) Contact the travel provider (airline, hotel, conference, etc) and request a refund. Many travel providers are relaxing their cancellation policies due to COVID-19, so you must first try to obtain a refund. 
      • 2) If a refund will not be provided for your travel expense(s), we will need to see this in writing from the travel provider. The best way to obtain this in writing is to email their customer service. 
      • 3) For reimbursements for your non-refundable travel, you will need to send (a) your original payment receipt (with proof of expense on your account), (b) written notification from travel provider that a refund will not be provided, and (c) signed statement from you stating that you have not and will not receive a refund for this expense. 
    • We will be able to process reimbursement requests for non-refundable expenses after the original dates of your intended travel. We cannot provide reimbursement for bookings that will be credited for future use. If you are in this situation and you use this credit for a future approved University trip, you can be reimbursed for that expense after that trip. 
    • If you need to cancel or rebook travel made by a University travel agent, please work with the travel agency or email for assistance with cancellations/rebookings. 
    • For all trips, we highly recommend that you work with our University travel agencies to book and pay for your travel expenses. This will avoid any undue financial burden on you for trip cancellations and modifications. 
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joan Cole at or Melekte Truneh at  


University-wide alerts, protocol, and resources are posted on the UMD COVID-19 page:
Please also sign up for UMD email and text alerts at