Strategic Management Focus Area - Master of Information Management (MIM)

Our focus area in strategic management trains our students to help facilitate collaboration and information sharing to support organizations in developing and managing their enterprise information strategies. Students are trained to solicit information requirements from different categories of information consumers, consider ways to evaluate, architect, and integrate technical tools to develop information management solutions, intuit and devise methods of mitigating inherent risks associated with managing information, effectively communicate the benefits and socialize the advantages of governed information management practices and programs to both technical and management teams within and across organizations, and then institute and manage those information management technology solutions.

Graduates are poised for careers as:

  • Chief Data Officers
  • Directors of Information Governance
  • Directors of Data Governances
  • Directors of Data and Information Quality
  • Data Quality Managers
  • Data Quality Analysts
  • Information Policy Analysts
  • Information Compliance Specialists
  • Information Architects
  • Data Architects

Note: Courses are listed in their estimated semester of being offered.
Current students should speak with their academic advisor and refer to the MIM handbook or MIM Student Portal on ELMS for suggested academic plans.


  • INFM-700: Information Architecture
    • Prerequisites: INFM-603
    • Advanced Technology Elective
  • INFM-757: Organizational and Business Process Modeling
    • Prerequisites: N/A
  • INFM-620: Introduction to Strategic Information Management
    • Prerequisites: INFM-612


  • INST-621: Managing Digital Innovations in Organizations
  • INST-756: Information Risk Management
    • Prerequisites: INFM-600 or instructor permission



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