Financial Aid for Current UMD INFO College Graduate Students

The College of Information Studies awards fellowships and assistantships to well-qualified applicants and students in its graduate programs. Budgetary constraints limit the number of awards, so while you are encouraged to apply for these programs, you should also explore other sources of aid. The Graduate School offers additional aid opportunities. When seeking financial aid, apply early. The announcement of awards of financial assistance will be made at the earliest possible date. We regret that, due to a large number of applicants for financial aid, we are able to notify recipients only.

Graduate Assistantships
Only degree-seeking students in the iSchool are eligible for assistantships available through the University. Graduate assistantships (GA) are available in the iSchool and across University departments. Students can find GA positions listed on the University employment site, the University Libraries employment page, through college email notifications, and program-specific email listservs.
Fulbright Program

The Fulbright US Student Program provides grants to graduate students to study or teach abroad. It is the nation’s largest study abroad fellowship program and is designed to give graduate students opportunities for international experience, personal enrichment, and open exchange of ideas with citizens of other nations. Awards typically last for one academic year, but length and timing of awards varies by individual country and/or region.

Effective Fall 2011, the Graduate School will provide one year (up to 20 credits) of tuition remission for Fulbright Students enrolling in a Ph.D. Program, and two years of tuition remission (up to 20 credits per year) for Fulbright students enrolling in a Masters Program. No Fulbright student may receive more than two years of tuition remission from the Graduate School. As always, tuition remission applies to fall and spring semesters only and does not cover winter or summer terms. (Masters students are eligible for two years of tuition remission because so few are provided graduate assistantships following their first year.)

The Fulbright application process begins 18 months in advance of the first grants in an award cycle. Application information is generally available in early February of each year for awards beginning in September of the following year. With the exception of the seminar offerings, the deadline for all applications August 1. Applications must be submitted online through the Fulbright website. For questions or assistance, please contact

UMD INFO College Scholarships

Explore the scholarships and awards offered by the INFO College to current students. Funds are awarded based on financial need as well as academic excellence.

Emergency Assistance - Bridging the Gap - Fund

The College of Information Studies invites faculty, staff, and students to submit a request that a student be considered for “emergency” financial assistance. The Emergency Assistance (“Bridging the Gap”) Fund provides emergency assistance of up to $500 to any iSchool student in need who is put forth by a faculty member, staff member, or fellow student and who is selected to receive these funds. Please note that students cannot apply directly for this emergency assistance funding.

There is no deadline – requests for bridging the gap funding can be made at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact

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