Handbooks and Policies

The Undergraduate Student Handbook covers university and iSchool policies and procedures that are relevant to the undergraduate BSIS program. If you have a question that isn’t covered in the handbook, contact your advisor for more information.

InfoSci Academic Policies

Every student in the Information Science major must follow the policies of the program and college. If you have questions about a policy, please contact your advisor.

  • Required Number of Credits:
    InfoSci students are required to take 45 credits within the major. 30 credits of which must be approved major coursework with the INST prefix. Students must take 15 credits of approved upper-level [300-400 level] electives.
  • Benchmark and Major courses:
    Students who have declared InfoSci as their major, must take benchmark and InfoSci core courses at UMD.
  • Benchmark Courses Taken Concurrently with Major Courses:
    InfoSci students must successfully (C- or higher) complete all benchmark courses before taking InfoSci Core coursework. The College will allow InfoSci students to start taking InfoSci core courses in their last semester of benchmark coursework.
  • Major Electives:
    In order to apply non-INST UMD courses towards the InfoSci major elective requirements, students must take courses that are approved by the InfoSci program after declaring InfoSci as their major. Students must obtain approval for non-INST courses before enrolling in them in order for them to be counted as major electives.
  • Declared InfoSci Students:
    Students that declare InfoSci as their major must complete all benchmark courses prior to enrolling in major electives.
  • Advanced Placement Credits:
    Advanced Placement (AP) credits that have been accepted and transferred to UMD successfully may be used to satisfy corresponding InfoSci benchmark requirements.
Exceptions to Policies

College of Information Studies takes requests for exception to academic policy seriously. We consider exception requests in extraordinary and rare cases only in which a problem is “out of the control of a student and not predictable”. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all academic policies. A complete guide to the University of Maryland’s academic policies can be found here.

A written explanation detailing the reasons behind the request is mandatory. Click here for the Policy Exception Form. Take the time before submitting a request to develop a clear, thoughtful, and concise presentation. Requests are not guaranteed and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests generally take between 5 – 10 business days to process and are reviewed in the order they are received.


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