InfoSci Upper-Level Major Electives Proposal Form
Use the InfoSci Upper-Level Major Electives Proposal Form if you are a student currently in the InfoSci major and would like to take a Major Elective from another department and count it towards the Major Electives requirement.
Permission to Enroll at Other Institution Form

To request permission to take courses at another institution students should do the following:

  • Discuss potential transfer course(s) with your advisor.
  • Read the Academic Policies to make sure you understand which courses you can take at another institution.
  • Review transfer course equivalencies in the Transfer Credit Services database.
  • Complete the Permission to Enroll Form.
  • Wait for email notification of the decision on your request BEFORE enrolling at the other institution.

NOTE: If you want to enroll for an InfoSci Benchmark course in another institution, you must also submit a Request for Exception to Policy form (below). Please ensure that you submit both the permission to enroll and policy exception forms for your request to be processed.

Policy Exception Form
The College of Information Studies takes requests for exception to academic policy seriously. We consider exception requests in extraordinary and rare cases only in which a problem is “out of the control of a student and not predictable.” It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all academic policies. A complete guide to academic policy can be found here. Please complete a Policy Exception Form to be considered for an exception.

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